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Midjourney превосходно справляется с задачей создания реалистичных изображений людей. Благодаря современной нейросети, этот инструмент способен генерировать тысячи уникальных и качественных фотографий, имитируя портреты моделей, сцены из реальной жизни и изображения, напоминающие фотостоки. Мы тщательно отбираем лучшие из них и размещаем в специализированном телеграм-канале. Под каждым изображением представлен промпт, используя который, вы сможете повторить генерацию данного изображения.

Канал в Телеграме с подборкой картинок, сгенерированных в Миджорней

Канал в Телеграме

Up close beautiful hips Pin up girl by artgerm and mcbess —v 5.2 —w 7

full length action movie photo of harsh tall leggy 28-year-old sleek beautiful woman realtor cosplaying in the style of Patrick Nagel, wearing a bodycon Patrick Nagel fashion, showing stiletto high heels:::3.9 color photo, very high sharp cheekbones lots of blue eye shadow, standing in a boutique in cherry red lipstick, cool attitude, cinematic chiaroscuro lighting, looking straight into camera:: —iw 0.8 —ar 2:3

Up close,low angle shot, hyperdetailed drawing of a beautiful body Pin up girl Czech-Mexican fembot android sorceress Jessica Rapunzel, leaning against a wall of graffiti, denoise by Ashley Wood, and mcbess —v 5.2 —w 7 —upbeta —ar 9:18

adorable beautiful female with long hair, glow, door, fantasy, no background, Real photograph, Art photography, Natural light, long exposure, 32K, 32bit, photorealistic, dramatic, volumetric lighting, photo-realistic, intricate detail, award-winning photo, cinematic, specular reflection, rim lighting, deep depth of field, ultra-sharp focus, ultra, photo, canon 200mm F/1.2L lens, canon 5D IV, bokh, realistic, realistic lighting —ar 18:30 —s 1000 —chaos 100

Make a picture of a beautiful mermaid queen with a beautiful crown

closeup headshot of beautiful 27 year old model woman. low cut top. Kim Kardashian shaped body. instagram photo. makeup. eyeliner. lipfillers. fake lashes. closed mouth slightly smiling

https://s.mj.run/RrOUtMTaplY https://s.mj.run/FCeJPtk33ww https://s.mj.run/yKpyLS1iz_w in a library with a lot of books shelf, short voile blouse shirt and very short chiffon scarf skirt, Milo Manara style, keep original, complex details, realistic, hyper realistic, detailed, Super-Resolution 8k —v 5.2

https://s.mj.run/iyvgV8n0zn0 https://s.mj.run/cUygiCippB4 https://s.mj.run/jX_AomFencc very beautiful slender woman with above average chest size, close up portrait, colorful donning breathtaking Oscar de la Renta gowns and flowing Gucci maxi dresses. As the evening sun sets, the atmosphere transforms into a mesmerizing world of candlelight and glamour. The models strike a pose in front of the world-famous Dubai icon dunes, bringing together timeless beauty and modern style in one sensational editorial moment. Their gorgeous close up bodies and faces are illuminated by the warm, flickering light of the candles in the Golden hour, each detail captured in perfect clarity by the skilled photographer behind the lens. This moment is a true celebration of high fashion and editorial excellence, encapsulating the best of the industry’s talent, creativity, and artistry. With a cinematic 2:3 aspect ratio, the images from this unforgettable event will capture the hearts and imaginations of fashion lovers worldwide. camera sony A1 lens GM 24mm —ar 2:3

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